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Baby's Protection Plan

I have many clients who are new parents and who have children who are minors. Your worst nightmare is a catastrophic accident where both parents are killed or incapacitated. For those that even get to the point of drafting a will most name Testamentary Guardians. I do not think that only naming your “back up parents” in your will is enough…

That is why I suggest that many parents bolster their guardian plan with a My Baby’s Protection Plan which is a combination of the use of a will to name guardians along with a separate Permanent Guardian Nomination and Temporary Guardian Nomination (“first responders”) so that your children will have the smoothest transition possible in the unlikely, but traumatizing, event that something horrible happens to both parents. Our goal is to make sure a legally named guardian is in place from “the first moment” after an accident all the way through adulthood should it come to that. I would be happy to explain more about the My Baby’s Protection Plan in a personal consultation.